Gas Leak Detection & Repair

It is well known nowadays that gas leak detection can prevent serious accidents and save lives. Of course, the possibilities of a fire or explosion caused by a gas leak that avoided detection is something most of us don’t even consider a worry, and yet it happens all the time. Most of us are certainly aware that gas leak detection is essential to safeguard our homes, workplace and family.We repair gas pipes from the meter to the appliance in the most economical way causing as little disruption as possible. But in some circumstances the gas supply, if buried under concrete flooring, would need to be re-run. This would be carried out in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible. Call AA Plumbing Services now on 0425 876 998 and ensure your household is made safe.


Because we use a lot of “no touch” technology in our business we minimize the risks of additional damage being caused when we’re tracing a gas leak


If you have a gas leak problem contact us to get it sorted in the quickest possible time on 0425 876 998


We have the training and experience to handle gas leaks safely, this isn’t something you can leave to chance!

Smell Gas?

To report a gas or carbon monoxide emergency, or if a pipeline is struck (even if no gas leak has occurred) call AA Plumbing Services 24 hours a day on 0425 876 998.