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Roof & Gutter Leak Repairs

If you have noticed damp patches on your bedroom ceiling or areas of stained plaster then it is possible that you have a leaking roof. There are some quick and simple checks that you can do to stop potential problems before they happen or to identify the area where the leaks that cause the visible water damage are coming from. Early prevention can help to increase the useful life of your roof and sure it up before a storm. Often even with all the best precautions a serious storm will do significant damage.A severely leaking roof is a monumental hassle to get sorted and costs can be significant as damage can be caused to roofing timbers, plaster and interior decoration so it's best to nip any small issues in the bud before they get any worse.We at AA Plumbing Services help you to identify the cause of your leaking roof, areas that are vulnerable to storm damage and how each issue should be repaired.


Causes and Solutions

Slipped or broken slates or tiles

A few slipped tiles may be the result of failure of individual tiles or the effect of a storm or extreme weather. These are relatively easy repairs. More widespread slippage could be rusting or corrosion of nails holding the tiles or battens or rotting of the battens.

Valleys blocked or lead cracked and leaking

A blocked valley causing water to overflow can be cleared of debris fairly easily as a basic maintenance task. If the lead in the valley is cracked then replacing it is a bigger task. Temporary repairs can sometimes be done using flash band but in the medium term the lead will need to be replaced.

Loose or damaged guttering

If the guttering is loose or damaged then leaks during heavy rainfall are likely. Leaking joints can be resealed but if upvc downpipes are cracked or cast iron downpipes heavily rusted then they may require replacing. If the damage is more extensive it is a sign of other problems with the roof.

Roof timbers damp, wet or rotting

If roof rafters or joists are wet or rotten then, depending on the scale of it, this is potentially a serious problem. The cause of the damp needs to be identified and rectified (it could be missing tiles or slates) and then the timbers need to be repaired or replaced. Contact a roofing specialist to do a full inspection and assessment.

Sagging of roof rafters

Dips and undulations in roofs, particularly old roofs, are not necessarily a problem if they are stable. Many old building may have settled or the timbers dried out causing the dip. In historic buildings these features are often retained as part of the character of the building.