Water Renewals

Many of our pipes are over 70 years of age and are in need of replacing. They are made from iron and are laid in heavy clay soil that eats into the metal, causing corrosion. This corrosion weakens the structure of the pipe resulting in small holes and cracks appearing over time. As the water leaks through these holes and cracks, the pipe becomes even weaker which can lead to a burst water main.

Identifying pipes that need renewing

Renewing pipes is a costly operation meaning careful prioritizing of those pipes that most urgently need replacing. We check the condition of your pipes and use historical data to predict which are most likely to burst. When selecting a renewal scheme we also check that our work won’t cause unnecessary interruptions to customer supplies or flooding. We appreciate that renewals can cause disruption and inconvenience to our customers, but with careful design and planning we will make sure we renew the right pipes at the right time at a reasonable cost to ensure our infrastructure is fit for our customer's needs.

New or replacement water supply?

If you’re considering a new or replacement water connection, call us on 0425 876 998 or alternatively fill up our online form.